Thank You Miss Edna


When I first came to First Southern Baptist Church of Anaheim there were only a few people here and one of them was Miss Edna Pruitt.  Though things have changed, the mark that she made on our church can’t be denied.  She was a wonderfully hard worker.  Even though she couldn’t see could hardly hear, with assistance from others in the church, she served as our treasurer.  Her memory was amazing and she often reminded me of things I had to do for the church as they came up each year.  In modern day language, she was facebook notifications and the google calendar of her time.  She truly was amazing.Although she couldn’t see, she was the biggest Laker fan.  She would sit there and listen to the games and ask me about new players.  She loved Kobe despite all of his flaws and she had faith in this new kid Bynum.  The best thing about her was her unshakable faith.  It was a faith that we could all learn from.  She supported each new pastor that came along until she couldn’t make it to church anymore because of her health.  She did it because she loved Jesus and she served until the very end.  This past Tuesday, Miss Edna went to be with our Lord and I am thankful that this portion of her eternal life is finished.  I can’t wait to see her in heaven one day in her new body and new role in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Miss Edna.  I will miss you until that day.

Posted on July 23, 2013 .